Haylica (hayley666) wrote,

She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Okay... So Crystal just registered at Celine Community.  Thomas alerted me to it.  http://www.celinecommunity.com/index.php?showuser=5858.  What's the plan of action?????  Should I PM her and ask her who she is right off.  Or wait until she posts and then call her on it.  I can and I will and I DO have enough evidence to ban her on the spot.  Without getting an explanation.  But... do we wanna play with her????
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haha I dunno she's fun to play with hahahaha. Though if I start posting there again she'll probably go away or sth.

I got your postcard today! :)
mmmmmm maybe I'll just ban her... You should post at the spam forum. http://spam.timtripponline.com/index.php?s=1e7b5a9d672661dd79da086d4c899609&act=idx you might need to reregister